Content design

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been digging around in the world of Content Design and last night I found this piece from Trish Doyle – Head of Content Design at Government Digital Service.

I’m not a copywriter, but occasionally I find a need to write content for the projects I’m working on; making suggestions that fit with the design we propose. Through my reading and vlog watching, I’ve learned, that we’re probably approaching it in the wrong order.

It’s partly down to the requirements dictated by our customers – I need a website to do this, this and this is so common in this industry, but the more I think about it the more I feel I’m to blame for accepting this way of working. An empathy perhaps with a marketing team needing to get a website online within a given time and budget.  Or a content conundrum – trying to ensure that everything is there for the user, rather than stepping back and asking what content does the user actually need.

For example with the work I’ve been doing with arts organisations, we tend to look at the ticket buying experience, taking the chunks of synopsis and lengthy access statements as given.

We’ve got a few projects simmering away at the moment and I think it’s time that we considered taking influence from the GDS and the work they have been doing in content design.