Content design

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been digging around in the world of Content Design and last night I found this piece from Trish Doyle – Head of Content Design at Government Digital Service.

I’m not a copywriter, but occasionally I find a need to write content for the projects I’m working on; making suggestions that fit with the design we propose. Through my reading and vlog watching, I’ve learned, that we’re probably approaching it in the wrong order.

It’s partly down to the requirements dictated by our customers – I need a website to do this, this and this is so common in this industry, but the more I think about it the more I feel I’m to blame for accepting this way of working. An empathy perhaps with a marketing team needing to get a website online within a given time and budget.  Or a content conundrum – trying to ensure that everything is there for the user, rather than stepping back and asking what content does the user actually need.

For example with the work I’ve been doing with arts organisations, we tend to look at the ticket buying experience, taking the chunks of synopsis and lengthy access statements as given.

We’ve got a few projects simmering away at the moment and I think it’s time that we considered taking influence from the GDS and the work they have been doing in content design.

Enjoying a Virtual Coffee with Tessitura Network

Last night I took part in a virtual coffee session with the developers from the Tessitura Network. The second session that I’ve joined and listened to developers chat about the pitfalls, possibilities and developments of Tessitura.

I’ve been working with the box office platform for the last 12 months now following its acquisition by NTW. So we’ve linked it up to their existing Drupal website and a few other things along the way. Its been a huge learning curve for us and its still ongoing, so having the virtual coffee sessions and access to the developers community has been invaluable.

I’ve just finished developing the free ticketing element of NTW’s Box Office, which will be primarily used by Team, but also a few other free ticketed events coming up this year. Along with some adjustments to their newsletter sign-up process, including Postcode Look-up, so hopefully making things a little smoother when capturing data from customers.

National Theatre Wales Sign-up Form Screenshot

We’ll be testing its use over the next few weeks, I’ve popped the link below to the sign-up form.


Starting from St David’s day

This week started off with a Creative Cardiff talk from Professor Gabriele Troilo, on his theory surrounding the marketing of those working in the creative industries. Ultimately Gabriele talked about forgetting our product or service offering as individuals and companies within the creative industries, and instead focus on the experience that we give the customer. Its funny because just last Friday I had a conversation with Julian about landing pages for a new Google AdWords campaign we had set-up, to which he felt our pages were far to product led.

I’ve always had a really strong focus on commercial, more so than the artistic/ascetic element of the work I do and I think that comes through in the decisions I make when contributing to the running and marketing of Hoffi. Just sitting there listening to Gabriele, affirmed what we had already been talking about the Friday before.

So far we have two landing pages one for Digital and Branding projects, pasting the links here will knock out their statics, but here they are:

Mwldan Case Study on Landing Page

Pontio Case Study on Landing Page


Digital –

Branding –

In every-way the Google Adwords campaigns is an experiment for us just to see if people get in touch about new projects and collaborations. We’ve been very lucky in the last 10 years that the majority of our work comes from word of mouth and our reputation. I think that’s a big thing for us and we are really good at building strong open relationships with our customers, so advertising is very much a Plaything for us.

The next step is to develop a landing page that delivers the experience of working with us, that’s going to be a tough ask and I’m sure it will require all of us getting around the blackboards in the studio.